People think that web designing and web development are in the same field. But it is wrong! Web design is the visual look and feel of a website. From the layout, color to graphics, all of these come with navigation and usability. And Web development is coding work to implement the design of a page or an entire site. Web development builds and maintains the database and other tools which are needed to operate the site. The most important facet of web development is how the website has been presented and constructed. To design a website properly, you require proper skill and ingeniousness.
Web development is a process by which you can develop and organize your website. It is an internet-based work. A web developer does a great job organizing the website and using code languages to work fast on the website. Our experienced web developers can make your website as per your requirements of the business. Yes, we will make your website perfect easier!
Web development process:
First, we will do proper research on it:
• We will have to assess the current website and social pages and read current reviews and trends. We will also examine competitor websites and identify new websites' purpose, objective, and performance.
• Then will assemble and classify the content type and define content hierarchy and flow. Create a content outline for the Main Page. And create an outline and architecture.
• Now, we have to design the website.
• Establish a visual hierarchy and place the content. Layout home and main pages using a grid. Produce a static or live wireframe. Then you can test or revise as needed.

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